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Mathias Sundan

1st Jan 2014
Hi do any one like to make a server who will allow gsx (ground service x) so everyone on the server need to have it? it had been very cool. I started to thing making a server myself but I don't have the capacity to do it because then it would be more real. don't know if anyone is in tressed but answer me at e-mail because I'm checking it everyday but I'm not checking this page everyday. :-)))


if sombody dnot know what gsx is this is a youtube link for it


and you can get a demo free wirson at this page


hope someone will do this I thing a lot of people would like this so leve an answer to my E-MAIL above :-)
Curley Campbell
United States
1st Jan 2014
GSX is payware, which means everyone who wants to utilize GSX would have to own a copy. In the multi player environment... other users cannot see or utilize GSX when installed on a server.. much less use the commands. GSX is a great enhancement and I personally use it all the time in my session. Here is my March 2012 video on GSX:

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