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A few questions.
Kenny Fox
United States

8th Jan 2014

I've downloaded and installed the FSOpen server. It all seem to be working fine.

I running three applications of FSHost, a TeamSpeak server and FSInn on the same computer as FSOpen.

First Question, Will FSHost, FSInn and FSOpen get along together?

Second Question, is there away to get FSOpen to stop sending messages to Flight SimX that I'm using as my FSX host server?

FSX or FSOpen seems to be causing my server computer to run hot. I have turned all of the settings down to there lowest and set the frames at 10.

I'm sure there is a lot to learn about FSOpen, so I hope some can help me with there concerns.

Thank you for your time,
Vince Begin
United States

8th Jan 2014
Hi Kenny,
Question 1

They should get along because each of theses programs run on different ports all together so if you are running the same ports on one as the other configure them to not match or have different ports.
Question 2

For your problem or concern about fsopen sending messages to fsx how you would fix this is there are two options i will list them below

1.When you go to sign in to fsopen server client there is an option to have a robot on or robot off you may click robot off then contine to sign in and these messages will not be sent to fsx

2.The way it sends the messages and dosnt keep popping up your chat screen will be to go pro fsopen server to fix this with robot on.

Question 3

make sure to have your host as an atc not a plane i will post more tips below!

Use a dedicated machine with fsx to be a host. Host using a control tower as this consumes less resources then a plane.

Use the standard ports of 6112 to 6122. There is no reason to change them and fsopen server ony supports this range anyway.

The only inbound changes to your router's firewall or antivirus software firewall is to allow UDP 6112 to 6122. Another reason not to change from the defaults. If you don't do this your session will be listed in red in gamespy. All other connections are outbound only and this is normally allowed by default for firewalls.

On your server turn all the detail down to minimum and 10 frames per second.

Go to or similar and check the bandwidth for your servers connection. Upload speed is the most important for hosting and is commonly only about 1Mbit. Every player that joins needs about 50Kbits which means 1Mbit will only support about 20 users before packets are dropped. More sessions are now using 128k voice but this means you will need about 150kBits per user. Yes the voice is much better but 1Mbit will only support 7 players.

Watch out for non standard fsx planes. Some were not made with multiplayer in mind and can transmit 10 times (or more) network traffic. If you have 1Mbit upload just one of these planes can result in your server being overwhelmed. FSopen server can be tailored to kick these planes as appropriate.

Don't forget about everthing else using your internet can kill your session. If your girlfiend is watching youtube she'll be eating up your upload bandwidth. As a rule of thumb, whatever speed you download at, 5% - 10% is required as upload. Obviously torrent software can kill connections. Don't use it!

If upload speed is limited consider getting a router that offers good QOS (Quality of service). I bought one that lets me reserve a fixed amount of upload bandwidth for UDP 6112-6122. Doesn't matter what anybody starts doing then.

Upload speeds are key to good sessions. High speed interenet is rolling out and some of the upload speeds are just awsome! If you're really serious look at hosting with an isp but that's very expensive.

Where bandwitdth is tight, disable the sharing of aircraft.

Any questions or suggestions please use the forum on this web site.

if you have any more question you know where to reach me at my teamspeak
Vince B.
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