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Web Interface for Server Administration
Brendan Harris
United Kingdom

11th Jan 2014
One thing I thought I would suggest is the possibility of being able to control your server from an online application instead of being limited to the software running on the Host PC. Where all settings can be changed as well as being able to administrate users (kick, ban, grant admin, etc.)
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Jan 2014
About a weeks work, send me £1,5000.00 Brendan and I'll get started.
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

12th Jan 2014
On Dave's Weekly rate that is a great deal.... I send a cheque I the post Dave!
Grant Farmer
United States

13th Jan 2014
If your away from your server and need to check/look at it I use Realvnc from my laptop when traveling.

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