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Delta Virtual Airlines
Vince Begin
United States

16th Jan 2014
Who agrees delta virtual airline multiplayer ?

Yes or No Maybe?

Please Resond
Brendan Harris
United Kingdom

17th Jan 2014
I am lost with the concept of this? I think there are plenty of Delta Virtual's already, but I think if you do this, make it a full on virtual airline, and just add a multiplayer server for your pilots to fly in? :)
Kenneth Brander

17th Jan 2014
Hell NO!

It's so many out there that the name itself is worn thin and ragged. Please do not start another small server that just acts as a drain on the bigger servers. There is enough private clubs and exclusive places for people who hate people and people who wants to do it their way and be the leader. If any you should NOT open up such a thing and rather join something that is already there. My opinion should be pretty clear, less virtual airlines, less servers. There is plenty of good airlines out there and also good servers to fly on, gather up on those rather then spreading out a already relatively small network even more then it is today.

Best Regards;

Kenneth Brander
Vince Begin
United States

18th Jan 2014
Scuse me i made the first delta virtual airline back in fslight simulator 2004 when it first released through fshost and played all the way back to fs98 so Kenneth you can shut the f*** up

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