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Please help! very urgent
Izudin Mardini
United Arab Emirates

24th Jan 2014
1:A pilot requests a visual landing. The following METAR is given: METAR: EHAM 060715Z VRB03KT 6000 +SR BKN030 OVC070 06/08 Q1010 NOSIG What do you do?
A:You clear him for the visual landing.
B:You divert him for another airport.
C:You ask him if he`s capable for an instrument landing.
D:You vector him on a short final for the visual.

Which of these pairs are part of a 'standard traffic pattern'?
A:Downbase Leg & Crosswind Leg.
B:Basewind Leg & Upwind Leg.
C:Crosswind Leg & Upwind Leg.
D:Upwind Leg & Basewind Leg.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

24th Jan 2014

1) Visual is fine, 6000m visibility is fine, cloud shouldn't be too much of a problem either. A good practice for a visual approach is to have the ILS information programmed in and displayed on the applicable indicator as a reference.

If you need information on deciphering METARS, feel free to use my training aids:

2) upon departure, a pilot flies upwind, crosswind, downwind, base and final. Unless advised, the positional call-outs are Downwind and Final
Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

24th Jan 2014
1 = A. The Metar appears to describe weather that would warrant a visual landing; winds variable 3kts, visibility 6000m (not sure about the +SR), broken cloud at 3000ft, overcast at 7000ft, temp 6 dewpoint 8 (?) QNH 1010, no significant weather change expected within 2 hours. So a pilot should be able to make a visual landing, using ILS information would be useful in any event.

2 = C. Slightly odd terms used here, have never heard 'Downbase' or 'Basewind' used to describe a circuit.

Hope this helps...
Derek Haselden
Kenneth Brander

24th Jan 2014
Hey Dave, David and Derek,

Please do take a look at this thread. (

If you are answering questions from the test people have to do to get listed as ATC at FSXEurope then please choose the approach that Joe has done in the past thread instead of giving the answers away like you have done in this thread.

The idea of our test is for people to learn if they do not already possesses the knowledge. Giving them these answers straight out like you have done here undermine the point of our test and the person being tested will not even have to think a bit, just put in the answers given to him.

Dave, can you please delete this thread entirely or the answers from Mr. Bartlam and Mr. Haselden? If not, we will definitively replace those questions in the test of ours which has now been somewhat compromised to give someone less knowledgeable and experienced a short-cut into our system, thank you for understanding.

Best Regards;

Kenneth Brander
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

24th Jan 2014

How were we supposed to know that it was for an entry examination? With all due respect, i don't know why this member or any others would visit this forum for answers to an exam set forward by an FSOpen session :S
Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

24th Jan 2014
Hello Kenneth,
With respect, like David says, how are we supposed to know these are exam questions - someone asks a question, someone else attempts to help surely? Arguably, asking them here shows a certain resourcefulness?

Never mind, these things happen!
Derek H.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

25th Jan 2014
Just reading over your comment Kenneth and I must disagree with your philosophy here. No one learns by completing a test. They learn by tutoring prior to an exam, by failing that exam, they learn a bit about exam technique etc

That's like saying "I know this is your first driving lesson, but we're going to carry out your driving test now" or going to university to study architecture, but on your first day there, you sit your final exam, get my drift?

I commend the chap for asking these questions; it shows that he has initiative. With search engines etc, anyone could cheat that exam. It's not hard to put a question into google and get the correct answer! This is his way of learning I suppose. It's all about training! If you have to sit an exam prior to joining a session, surely you won't attract new controllers that want to learn?

Izudin, please feel free to use the aids on the link in my first post to help you. I have stuff there that, with a bit of reading, will help you with your first stage of training. The aids are my own and also from the previous FSOpen multiplayer session. You may also find the ATC Script, METAR guide and VFR pattern guide on the FSXEU pages, I wrote these for them last year, along with their ranking structure amongst other things :)

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