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Lufthansa Virtual
Patrick Hill
United States

13th Mar 2014
Hello All,

My name is Patrick and I would like to introduce you to a project that I have been working on with my partner and friend Josh. I have been the General Airline Manager here at Lufthansa Virtual since the airline was born and I have been working alongside Josh ever since. I am writing to you today to let you guys know about Lufthansa Virtual. We are currently in our beta testing stages, checking things to make sure everything is operational. We are currently looking for staff if you are interested please join our Teamspeak during our grand opening event on March 21st. Our main goal of Lufthansa Virtual is to provide the pilot the best experience that we can possibly offer. We make sure everyday that we stick to our goal. I have seen many airlines soar and many airlines fail. I have taken the time to make sure that we did everything to make us soar high in the blue sky. At Lufthansa Virtual we packed many features into the airline to make sure you guys all love it. We have over 975 fun routes that you can fly everything from a long haul 16 hour flight around the world or a short city hop that is only a hour or two, we have a great realistic fleet so you can fly anything from a A319 to a A380 or from a 737 to a 747, we use smartCAR's which is the best state of the art ACARS system out there, great events that we are all sure you will love, at Lufthansa Virtual there will also be great chances for you guys to win prizes! Our first prize given away will be for a free customized Lufthansa Virtual tee shirt that will be sent to your doorstep for free to the first pilot that reaches 25 hours! We currently on time for our opening date of March 21st, we currently are still planning our opening event. Well I hope you guys all have a great day, and soft landings of course! I am usually in Teamspeak and I would love to meet all you guys and have a chat.

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Patrick | General Airline Manager / Lead Developer
Lufthansa Virtual

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