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FSX Carrier Ops
Curley Campbell
United States
15th Nov 2014
FSX Carrier Ops is pleased to announce a policy change within the server.

With the advent of the upcoming release of FSX@War... we are opening up the server for world wide military aircraft use. As a result, we are no longer exclusively limiting session use for carrier ops .... and expanding the session to include any "Military" aircraft.

The server will currently remain hosting in Rio De Janerio, w/TacPack moving Nimitz and AICarrier placement for those without TacPack. We also currently have available custom scenery for the middle east, for those who wish to fly that area.

We anticipate to begin hosting in different parts of the world, and allow users to use FSX@War (upon it's release) for creating a wider range of worldwide military activity. This means we could have several different activities created by different users.

We still ask you join the sessions TeamSpeak ... to keep everyone coordinated with the anticipated activities. We will adjust TeamSpeak as necessary.

On the downside (for some of you) we will currently maintain the age restriction of 16 years or older. In order to keep some stability... we ask that users DO NOT come in "weapons free"... this will not be a "first person shooter". When areas are set up... please respect the intent of the activity. Again... this is where coms via TeamSpeak is necessary.

FSX SESSION Direct Connect :
TeamSpeak3 :

Website :

Questions can be directed to SandPro -
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

15th Nov 2014

Do you ever offer any training for the Tacpac and superbug? I'd be very interested in coming along and learning from a regular user.

It's not a cheap combination to buy, and since buying ive never really flexed its muscles
Curley Campbell
United States
15th Nov 2014
Yes, we do. Currently it's been pretty slow on the server as we are waiting on FSX@War. However, there are guys around that can help. My main trainer at the moment has lost his internet.I'm not flying the 15 hrs a day like I normally do in the winter.. however..I am normally around... and on the TeamSpeak most of the time. IF, I'm marked away... just poke me... I will come in and give you a hand if no one is around. Most of the scenery for our session is custom for the Rio Area.. just so we can do different things so it helps to have that. i.e. custom airports, navaids for the ships, and a bombing range, etc.

You welcome any time. Server is up 24/7.
Andrew Roque
United States
3rd Dec 2014
I just joined as "TAC" is there a way to change to my Gamespy log-in instead of Hawx-10?
Curley Campbell
United States
3rd Dec 2014
Simply change you "player" name in the lower right hand... before you log in.

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