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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

19th Dec 2014
Well, here it is, its been released at an 80% discount and theyre being rather transparent that it isn't much different.

DTG_Admin [developer] 22 hours ago
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Change Log
The below change log represents the key changes made to FSX: Gold Edition to create FSX: Steam Edition.

* FSX: Steam Edition is now built using the VS2013 compiler for better optimisation and performance. (Still makes use of VS2005 libraries for backwards compatibility.)
* Updated splash, launcher and mission preview images for FSX:SE versions.

Multiplayer, networking and communications
* Gamespy networking now replaced by new Steam networking.
* Game chat now integrated with Steam chat
* Friends/Banned lists now integrated with Steam.
* Game invites now use Steam.
* Host networking defaults to a single port 6112.
* Host networking uses 27016 for Steam Master Server Browser.
* Host timeout (loss of connection to host) now 35 seconds by default (was 55).
* "Disconnected" message dialog now retained on screen for 4 mins before automatic dismissal (was 30 secs).

Steam Support
* Top Down Camera (camera view select 4) was previously bound to F12 by default which is normally used for Steam's screenshot feature. Camera View Select 4 now uses Shift+F12 by default to avoid potential clash.

Compatibility with FSX boxed
* FSX and FSX: Steam Edition co-Existence feature allows both versions to be installed on the same machine.

Default System-Setting Alterations
* Increased TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to 4096 up from 1024
* Changed HIGHMEMFIX=1
* Increased Vertex and Index Buffers and the number of buffers.

Bugs Fixed
* Fix to particle emitter controllers which were not being updated properly.
* Fix to flush all levels of detail in terrain cache.
* Fix to Texture Composition preventing fail and crash.
* Fixed issue where player is able to reserve more slots for friends than maximum players allowed in the game.
* Fixed issue where invalid Briefing Room was presented to player when cancelling session creation.
* Fixed issue where weather text in the multiplayer briefing room is partially cut off.
* Fixed issue where no error message appears when attempting to host a session with the network adapter disabled.
* Fixed issue where there is no error message when attempting to host a session with the network cable unplugged.
* Fixed issue where host player is frozen after a collision occurs in multiplayer.
* Fixed issue where client gets dropped from a multiplayer game after they crash into the host.
* Fixed issue where the Host Options in multiplayer/ Free Flight allow a user to have a maximum of 99 player slots.
* UIAutomationCore.dll work-a-round is now supplied by default with FSX:SE. This fixes a number of crashes relating to UI interaction on 64-bit versions of Windows.
* Fixed issue where the application’s taskbar preview window displays no content on Windows 8 and above
* Prevent default colour mode for Windows 7 and above (enable automatic display composition).
* sserife.fon file now automatically supplied and loaded.

DTG_Admin [developer] 22 hours ago
Existing FSX Owners, check here first
If I already own FSX should I buy FSX: Steam Edition?
That decision is up to you. Your existing boxed version of FSX will continue to work after the release of FSX: Steam Edition, however future updates will only support the Steam Edition of the simulator. We have made some functional changes to FSX in the development of FSX: Steam Edition, but in terms of content nothing new has been added at this time.

What changes have you made in FSX: Steam Edition from the Microsoft-supplied boxed version of FSX?
This is a re-release of FSX Gold Edition so you should not expect dramatic differences. However, we have updated it to include all standard Steam functionality, we’ve removed CD checking and combined the components of Gold Edition into a single installation. The major change we've made is in replacing the now-defunct GameSpy multiplayer systems with Steam features, enabling multiplayer to work seamlessly once again. Our aim in this first instance has been to ensure that the software will run for as many people as possible rather than radically improving or updating it.

Will there be new content with the initial release?
No, the initial release will only contain the content that was provided with the original FSX GOLD pack which includes Flight Simulator X Deluxe and Acceleration pack, both official Service Packs, with the addition of Steamworks multiplayer

What advantage, if any, is there for existing customers to purchasing FSX: Steam Edition?
First of all, although we know that some people are resistant to digitally distributed software we see many benefits of it, not least of all ease of reinstallation and not having to find keys etc. Secondly we have restored the multiplayer features using Steam capabilities and we have sorted out a number of software problems. However, we do appreciate the current benefits for existing users are modest.

If you already have FSX add-ons

Will my existing collection of non-Steam add-ons work with FSX: Steam Edition?
There are so many add-ons currently available for FSX that we cannot promise that all of them will work with no issues. FSX: Steam Edition is installed in a different way to the boxed version and occupies a different location so it is possible that some add-ons may not work, but rest assured that we have made every effort to ensure that as many of them as possible work. Where add-ons do not immediately function with FSX: Steam Edition we will try to work with the community, developer or publisher of the add-on to find the solutions as needed. Again, we cannot promise that 100% of all add-ons released over the history of FSX will work with FSX: Steam Edition, but we are committed to trying.

Will I be able to continue using freeware add-ons with FSX: Steam Edition?
As with all other existing add-ons available for FSX we cannot give any guarantees that these will work without issue, however nothing has been intentionally changed with the simulator to block the use of free add-ons.

If I have both versions of FSX on my system, in which version of FSX will the non-Steam add-ons be automatically installed?
Most add-ons supplied include installers that are outside of our control and so we cannot definitively predict what their behaviour will be. We expect that most would default to whichever version of FSX was installed first. With some add-on installers, you may be able to direct the add-on installer to deploy into FSX: Steam Edition, but we cannot guarantee the add-on will function correctly in this environment.

Will there be any conflicts if FSX: Box and FSX: Steam Editions are installed on the same computer?
Great question.

If you already have FSX Gold Edition and add-ons installed they will only be accessible through your existing installation. They will not be duplicated across the original edition and Steam Edition of the simulator.

If you wish to access your add-ons via FSX: Steam Edition you will need to reinstall your add-ons, pointing them toward the Steam Edition of the simulator.

We have worked to make sure the two versions of FSX can coexist, but we cannot guarantee that in all circumstances there will be no problems. If you have a very extensive add-on collection, you might want to consider installing FSX and FSX Steam Edition on separate PCs.

Dovetail Games offer a large range of add-ons via Steam for Train Simulator. Are you expecting to do the same for FSX: Steam Edition?
We do plan to offer a range of high-quality add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition. There are, of course, a huge number of FSX add-ons out there and we are certainly not going to try to offer everything - rather we will offer a range of options that we think will appeal to the typical user of the Steam system. There will be more information on this front, along with plenty of opportunity for FSX owners to request and suggest expansion options in the future.

Are you working with third parties to publish existing add-ons and to create new ones?
Yes, we are working with some great partners to help bring exciting new add-on content to FSX: Steam Edition.

Will all the 3rd party Scenery and Aircraft providers have to recreate their models and sceneries for this?
No, we expect most add-ons should just work as they are, though they may need installing again to the correct directory. Some add-ons which require specific functionality may not work at this stage and we’re working with as many providers as possible to create compatibility.

Flight hardware support

Will I be able to continue using my hardware (eg. Yokes, switch panels etc) with FSX: Steam Edition?
Nothing in the simulator has been changed to interfere with the use of flight peripherals however due to the numerous different ways hardware can be implemented it is possible there may be issues in some set-ups.

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