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Thanks FSOpen
Vince Begin
United States

20th Sep 2015
I would like to come and say Thank You Fsopen for your all your support. WeFly Pro Community has now been open for 1 year today and we are 5 members short of 1000 and FSOpen has got us thus far. I hope to see what our next year has in store for us we as flight simulation enthusiast group. I hope all is well FSOpen and its other communities for a great thought out success. Lets keep Flight Simulation Alive !!

Robert Dunn
United States
23rd Sep 2015
Congratulations, WeFly Pro, on approaching that impressive registrant millennial milestone! While prominent placement on FSOpen Sessions listing sure can help introduce your community to multiplayer interested pilots, those pilots wouldn't stay if you weren't such a quality flight simming experience. Your on-line pilot numbers indicate that your members are happy, flying on your server with satisfying regularity. You, the staff and members of WeFly Pro must be doing it right.

I additionally admire and respect the effort you personally have historically expended toward our multiplayer flight simming passion, Mr. Begin.

Respects, Bob...
Vince Begin
United States

24th Sep 2015
Thanks Mr.Dunn, I believe that FSOpen has saved all of us from dying away into thin air and not knowing where to go i have many people i know and love from other communities (unmentioned) and share the respect with them to still have the ability to fly online and share my experiences with other people. MSFlights is a outstanding community filled with respectful and helpfull members and i treat youll with much respect. I hope we can live out our tradition of Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator and hope for further and better development to make things seem clearer in the Flight Simulation Development.

I would like to give a shoutout to a few communities that have set a great example in the Flight Simulation Community for thier hard work and dedication

- Boston Virtual ATC
- MSFlights
- EasternHops
- DigitalThemePark
- CoosbayHops
- FSFlyBoys

To these communities i have good faith and heart that your community will live on for years to come and be a willinging success i hope soon to have a community flight with these groups if anyone has any ideas or dates they think this would be possible please email me.

See you in the skies

Vince - WeFly Pro Senior Staff

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