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PREPAR3D version 3 release 30 Sept. 17:00 UTC
Robert Dunn
United States
29th Sep 2015
Lockheed Martin announces the release for sale of version 3 of PREPAR3D within 24 hours from the timestamp of this post. The release announcement appeared here yesterday:

PREPAR3D forums at discuss this new release. The community at also has a publicly viewable active thread on its forum.

The P3D multiplayer server labeled " - P3D" often listed on FSOpen sessions will be made compatible with this version 3 release.

The new version sells for full price and no discount is being offered for version 2 registrants. As a student of aviation, I intend to purchase the 60 U.S. buck academic version again. Version 3 continues to be 32 bit software.

Respects, Bob...
Masateru Suzuki
19th Oct 2015
hmm I hope FSopen will support v3! :D
Kishshey Senanayake
Sri Lanka

23rd Oct 2015
Same here, I also expect FSOpen will support v3 soon.

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