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FSX Voice?
Kevin Davis
United States

9th Oct 2015
I want to start hosting an FSX online server, but I don't want to pay monthly fees for renting voice servers. I noticed in FSOpen Server 2 that "FSX Voice" is listed as an option for voice communication. How does FSX Voice work and how do I set that up?
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

10th Oct 2015
Hi Kevin

FSX voice is the default comms and is automatically set when your hosting a session. To de/activate this is simple. Firstly make sure your hosting via LAN then sign in. Click HOST A SESSION, give your session a name, optional description and if you want your session to be password entry or not and make sure the box is ticked for LAN visible for all to see. Go thru the next screen but make sure your host start position is NOT at the same place you want to do ATC cos trust me you DON'T want people flying silly when someone is doing ATC. Then click next and you'll see the hosting options, the middle being the voice, tick the box, optional for all or just aircraft radios, one more screen to go thru, click Fly now and your good to go.

As for actual communicating, again simple, the capslock key is the default PTT button for talking but you can change that by going into your FSX control settings and changing the voice transmit key for another or assign a joystick button (recommended).

One more thing, if you are hosting a session with the FSOpen server software (if you haven't already done so), make sure you do this on a separate, designated computer (server)...NOT the same computer as you fly on due to the amount of data that will flood thru your machine and also what bandwidth you have. With a separate computer, you can reduce ALL the settings to the bare minimum without the hassle of changing settings on your main computer and also gives better data flow when people are in your session...the only down side is if someone came in with a cracked copy of an aircraft that had AI traffic with it, you could find yourself seeing MORE static AI aircraft than what's on your main machine and can be a pain...only solution, reset the server computer.

Hope this helps and happy trails. :o)
Kevin Davis
United States

12th Oct 2015
Hi Andy,
Thanks for the reply! So if you are on the same frequency as the aircraft you're talking to, will you be able to hear each other without something like Team Speak? I looked on Team Speak's website, and I'm not in a position to spend that much money to get a server license from there - or any of the other places for that matter. Also, I plan on doing all of the ATC in the sessions I host. With that being said, how do I look up all of the frequencies of controllers the pilots will talk to once they leave the airport I'm hosting at? Would I just say, "[Aircraft name], contact {Agent Name} on [Frequency]," and then just switch the frequency in the comms section of ATC and just talk to the same person? I hope this all makes sense, and let me know if you need me to clarify any of my questions.
Good day,

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