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Ooo Hello Strangers :)
David Simon
United Kingdom

22nd Oct 2015
People Might not remember me but after all this time i FINALLY got a computer back and my old flight saitek equipment, so will see my face show up more now :) Hope everyone is well :)
David Haynes
United Kingdom

3rd Jan 2016
hey simon, do you know of any body who can take control of my pc and correct some of these problems setting up some of the controls david Haynes mobile 07814262804 email thanks dave from Walsall.
David Simon
United Kingdom

27th Jan 2016
Hi David,

Unfortunately at this current time i dont have the time nor the facilities to be able to help you remotely, and i do apologies for the delay in response.

If you explain the problems here i will do my best to be able to assist you :)


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